Marketing MCQS for NTS Set 2

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Marketing MCQS for NTS

Ernst Engel’s laws generally have been supported by recent studies. He discovered that as family income rises, the percentage spent on ________ declines and the percentage spent on ________ remains about constant
clothing; recreation/ entertainment
food; clothing
food; housing

What is our business? Who’s our customer?What do our customers value?What should our business be?All these simple-sounding questions definite a firm’s ___________ .
marketing and functional strategies
business portfolio
objective and goals
mission statement

A challenge for management in product line pricing is to decide on the price steps between the __________ .
product mixes
various products in a line
product groupings
product lines E

POP promotion
incentive promotion
price pack

A ________ , the largest and most dramatic of its kind, contains from 40 to 200 stores. It is like a covered mini-downtown and attracts customers from a wide area.
community shopping center
strip mall
neighborhood shopping center
regional shopping center

Who are the echo boomers?
Generation Y
Baby boomers
Generation X
Generation Z

________ becomes more important as competition increases. The company’s objective is to build selective demand.
Informative advertising
POP promotion advertising
Persuasive advertising
Patronage advertising

Tommy Baker is in charge of customer relationship management for American Pie Nostalgia. As a result of his effort in this area, his firm enjoys all of the following except ________ .
creating offers tailored to specific customer requirements
understanding competition better
providing higher levels of customer service
developing deeper customer relationships

Henry Ford’s philosophy was to perfect the Model-T so that its cost could be reduced further for increased consumer affordability. This reflects the _______
Selling concept
Marketing mix
Product concept
Marketing concept
Production concept

In general. which choice would a company make toward declining products?
Harvest or drop them
Maintain or drop them
Maintain or harvest them
Maintain. harvest, or drop them
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