Marketing MCQS for NTS Set 2

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Marketing MCQS for NTS

All of the following phrases reflect a firm’s value proposition, except which one?
None of the above is correct
Cheer laundry detergent promises powerful cleaning at all temperatures
Porsche promises driving performance and excitement
Altoids is positioned as “the curiously strong mint
All of the above are correct

____________ are consumer products that the consumer either does not know about or knows about but does not normally think about buying. These products require a lot of advertising, personal selling, and other marketing efforts.
Specialty productss
Shopping products
Line extensions
Unsought products

Which one is the best description of “channel conflict”?
The online description of a product would not be convincing enough to close a sale
There would be too many customers on a company’s site at one time
It would be had to find its business online
If a company sells its products or services online,it would be competing with its offline retailers

Most of Today’s online customers exhibit a clear tendency toward _________, as they are able to create exact configurations of products desired.
consumer control
fickleness by nature and will flock to the next new idea
bad manners

Once it has chosen a position, a company must take strong steps to deliver and communicate the desired position to target consumers. Which step is not correct?
Designing the marketing mix involves working out the strategic
The company’s marketing mix efforts must support the positioning strategy
Positioning the company calls for concrete action, not just talk
Its service personnel, retailers, and advertising messages must match correctly

Rachel Patino works for a wholesale company called Distributors Unlimited. She is responsible for buying and selling goods at a profit to small retailers. What is her market?

The art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationship with them is called _______
Marketing management
Managing the marketing effort

qualitative value

Companies set prices by selecting a general pricing approach that includes one or more of three sets of factors. One of these is the buyer-based approach, which means ________ .
value-based pricing
cost-plus pricing, break-even analysis, and target profit pricing
low-price image
going-rate and sealed-bid pricing

______ are key building blocks for developing and managing customer relationship
Customer value and customer satisfaction
Strategic plans
Customer choices and product offers
Consumer expectations and customer satisfaction
Product performance and customer value

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