Marketing MCQS for NTS Set 1

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Marketing MCQS for NTS
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Saturn is “a different kind of company, different kind of a car”; the Hummer is “like nothing else.” These statement reflect a firm’s ________
market positioning
product portfolio
target markets

AMF Research group must guard against problems during the implementation phase of marketing research for its clients. Typically, management will not encounter which of these problems?
Respondent who refuse to cooperate or give biased answer
Interviewers who make mistakes or take shortcuts
Interpreting and reporting the findings
Contacting respondents

Sales force compensation should direct the sales force toward activities that are consistent with ___________ .
overall company strategies
overall company objectives
overall department objectives
overall marketing objectives
all of the above

A general practice when using captive-product pricing is to set the price of the main product ________ and set _______ on the associate’s supplies
high; low markups
low; high markups
low; low markups
high; high markups

When a firm attempts to increase sales during the maturity stage of the PLC by changing one or more marketing mix elements, it is __________
increasing promotion budget
improving advertising
changing promotion
modifying the marketing mix

Nearly 40 million Americans are working out of their homes with electronic conveniences. They are called the _________ market.

With target costing, marketers will first ________ and then _______ .
design the product; determine its cost
determine a selling price; target costs to ensure that the price is met
build the marketing mix; identify the target market
identify the target market; build the marketing mix

Which of the steps in the marketing research process has been left out:defining the problems and research objectives, implementing the research plan, and interpreting and reporting the findings?
Choosing the research agency
Developing the research plan
Developing the research budget
Choosing the research method

When major producers or suppliers work directly with a major retailer in ordering and shipping products, they often use _________ to save time and money
their own trucking and distribution systems
dual distribution modes
continuous inventory replenishment systems
the Internet

What is a major advantage of product bundle pricing?
It combines the benefits of the other pricing strategies
It can promote the na c of products consumers might not otherwise buy
It offers consumers more value for the money
All of the above

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