Islamic Studies MCQS with Answers Set 5

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Islamic Studies MCQS With Answers
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Islamic Studies MCQS with Answers Available Here. In this pages your can get Islamic Studies MCQS with Answers for FPSC,NTS.
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The youngest wife of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).
Hazrat Ume Habibah (RA)
Hazrat Ayesha (R.A)
Hazra Javeria(RA)
Hazrat Ume Salmah (RA)

In which Surahs is Waqia Miraj explained?
Al-Fatir and Az-Zumar
Baqarah and Aali Imran
Bani Israel and An-Najm
Az Zukhruf and Ad-Dukhan

Hazrat Adam’s (AS) grave is present in:
Sri Lanka
Saudi Arabia

Hazrat Adam (AS) is a word of language:

The Nakhla Mission took place in?
Shaban 2 A.H
Rajab 2 A.H
Rajab 1 A.H
Shaban 1 A.H

How many months after the death after father Muhammad (PBUH) did Hazrat Fatima die?
4 mohths
6 mohths
3 months
5 months

Hazrat Adam (AS) had ______ sons.

The marriage between Hazrat Hafsah (RA) and Hazrat Muhammad(PBUH) took place in?
2 A.H
4 A.H
1 A.H
3 A.H

The Surah on the name of a metal is?
Surah Hadeed

How many times has the name of Rasool ullah (PBUH) been mentioned in the Quran?
Four Times
Five Times
Six Times
Three times

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