Islamic History MCQS Set 5

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Islamic History MCQS
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How many angles are mentioned in The Holy Quran?

Which Ayat of Surah Al-Baqrah throws light on Yaum-ul-Akhirat?
Ayat No.6
Ayat no.3
Ayat No.5
Ayat No.4

Give the name of the Sahabi who is among the Ashra Mubashara and served as the third Pious Caliph of Islam
Hazrat Umar(RA)
Hazrat Ali(RA)
Hazrat Abu Bakr(RA)
Hazrat Usman(RA)

On whose order was the Quran compiled completely in written form??
Hazrat Usman (RA)
Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)
Hazrat Ali (RA)
Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA)

Which Companion of Prophet(PBUH) was awarded with the title of “The lion of Allah”?
Hazrat Humza Bin Abdul Mutlalib (R.A)
Hazrat Omer farooq (R.A)
Hazrat Ali Al-Murtaza (R.A)
Hazrat Khalim Bin waleed (R.A)

About ______ people were with him in the boat.

Hazrat Ayesha(R.A) was the ________ wife of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

The name of Allah is repeated five times in a Surah Name it/
Surah al-Hajj

Namaz – e-Istasqa is related to?
Peace of Nation
Blessing of Allah
All of them

Muzdalifa is situated between?
Safa and Mina
Mina and Arafat
Mina and Kaaba
None of these

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