Islamiat MCQS for NTS Set 5

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Islamiat MCQS for NTS
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Islamiat MCQS for NTS Available Here. In this pages your can get Islamiat MCQS with Answers for NTS.
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The Saiful-Bahr Mission to intercept a caravan belonging to Quraish. occurred in?
Shaban 2 A.H
Ramadan 1 A.H
Ramadan 2 A.H
Shaban 1 A.H

The names of the Quran mentioned in the Quran itself are?

The name of Rasool-ullah (PBUH) been mentioned in the Qur’an how many times?
5 (Muhammad-4 times & Ahmed-1 time)
Three times
Six times
Four times

Who collected Quranic verses in one place?
Hazrat Abdullah ibne Masud (RA)
Hazrat Usman (RA)
Hazrat Abdullah ibne Abbas (R.A)
Hazrat Omar (R.A)

The name of Hufaaz Umahaat ul Momineen were?
Hazrat Hafsah (RA)
Hazrat Umme Salma
All of them
Hazrat Ayesha (RA)

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah is stated in Surah?

What are the Ashras of Ramazan called?
All of them

The Holy Quran was completely revealed in how many years?
20 years, 3 months and 14 days
22 years, 5 months and 14 days
19 years and 14 days
21 years, 4 months and 14 days

Which one of the following is included amongst the Ushera-e- Mubhashera?
Saad bin Abi waqas (R.A)
Hazrat Junaid
Saad bin Abada
Saad bin Ubaid

Name the wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who was daughter of Hazrat Omar Farooq (R.A)?
Hazrat Hafsah (R.A)
Hazrat Maimoonah (R.A)
Hazrat Juwairyyah (R.A)
Hazrat Aisha (R.A)

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