GK Questions on Sports with Answers Set 6

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GK Questions on Sports with Answers
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Who was the 2007 Wimbledon womens singles winner?
Kim Clijsters
Serena Williams
Justine Hanin
Venus Williams

How frequently is soccers world cup tournament held?
Every year
Every eight years
Every four years
Every Ten years

Which of the following is accredited for inventing the game of basketball?
Water Clopton wingfeild
James Naismith
Abner Doubleday
William Webb Ellis

Who made fastest Century in one day match (he made 102 runs on 37 balls against Sri Lanka)?
Imran Nazir
Shahid Afridi
Muhammad Yousaf
Riaz Afridi

The 2006 winter Olympic games were held at
Torino (in Italy)

In which games for the first time was olympic mascot introduced?
1952 Helsinki, Finland
1972 Munich, Germany
2000 Atlanta, USA
1960 Rome, Italy

The winter Olympic games came into being in

In which city Olympics 2000 were held?
Moscow Russia
Paris France
Athens Greece

What is the height of the net in the mens game?
7 11-5/8
7 4-1/8

Which European country hosted the first Thomas Cup in 1949?

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