GK Questions on Sports with Answers Set 4

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GK Questions on Sports with Answers
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The XV Asian games are scheduled to be held at

Who is the only player who can touch the ball with their hands on the field?

How much time does an NBA team have to shoot the ball at the basket after they take possession?
32 seconds
10 seconds
38 seconds
24 seconds

Which of the following places in the USA is associated with Lawn Tennis?
Forest Hill
Madison Square Garden
Yankee Stadium

How many feet off the court floor is the rim of the basketball hoop?
15 feet
20 feet
10 feet
7 feet

Which country holds the record of being at the top of the medals tally in six asian Games?
South Korea
None of these

One American rose to the top division long before an American won the Grand Tournament.Who was the first American born Sumo Wrestler to reach the top Makuuchi division?

Normally the Commonwealth games are held at intervals of
Four years
Three years
Five years
None of these

Who is the new president of international Cricket Council ICC?
Haroon Lorgat
Sharad Pawar
David Richardson
Alan Issac

Who among the following became the first unseeded player to have won the Wimbledon?
Boris Becker
Pete Sampras
Andre Agassi
John Mcenroe

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