General Science MCQs with Answers 9th Class Chapter 1

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Pakistan tested the Nuclear devices in
Apira 12,1999
May 29,1999
May 28,1998
January 8,2000

It is the era of Islamic chemistry
500 A.D
500 A.D to 1000 A.D
600 A.D to 1400 A.D
100 A.D to 1600 A.D

This is the invention of modern world

When did Pakistan scientists with the leadership of Dr. A .Q khan tested the Nuclear devices?
May 28,1998 A.D
May 28, 1999 A.D
May 28,1997 A.D
May 28, 1996 A.D

To establish scientific law in the light of experiment is called
scientific method

Bu-Ali sena was born in
888 A.D
990 A.D
1080 A.D
980 A.D

The latest measure of the earth’s radius is&nbsp
6353 km
6338 km
6338 km
5999 km

There are the famous books of jabir bin Hayyan
Al-kitab and kitab al-manazir
Al-kitab and Al-khalis
Al kitab al-manazir and Tahrir al-Amaken
Tahrir al-Amaken and kitab -ul-shifa

He was the first person to explain in detail the causes, symptoms and treatment of chickenPox and smallpox
Ibn-ul- Haitham
Muhammad Ibn zakariya al-Razi
Bu Ali sina

Mechanics, heat,light and sound are the branches of

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