General Ability MCQS Set 8

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Welcome To General Ability MCQS Page Number 5

Inflation rose by 5.1 % over the second quarter up form 4.1 % during the first quarter of the year and higher than the 3.3% record during the same time last year. However the higher price index did not seem to alarm Wall street as stock prices remained steady.

Stock prices were steady because of a fear that inflation would continue.

Economists warned that inflation would persist.

Much of the quarterly increase in the price level was due to a summer droughts effect on food prices.

The President announced that he was concerned about rising inflation.

If the bisector of an angle of? bisects the opposite side then the? is

None of these

Right triangle



If 5x2 – 4x – 1 is divided by x – 1 the remainder is

None of these




If we are doomed to have local drug rehabilitation centers – and society has determined that we are – then society ought to pay for them.

A government committee has convinced many groups that local rehabilitation centers are ineffective

Drug rehabilitation centers are expensive to maintain.

Drug rehabilitation centers are too expensive to be locally funded.

Many neighborhood groups oppose rehabilitation centers.

Drug addicts may be unwilling to receive treatment.

Directions Study the following information to answer the given questions.

(iii) only

(ii) only

(iv) only

all are required

Find the greatest number of five digits which when divided by 8 9 and 10 leaves 3 as remainder in each case.


None of these



Number Series Test





Number Series Test





The movement to ownership by unions is the latest step in the progression form management ownership to employee ownership. Employee ownership can save depressed and losing companies. All the following statements if true provide support for the claim above except

Employee participation in management raises morale.

Employee union ownership drives up salaries and wages.

Employee-owned companies generally have higher productivity.

Employee union ownership enables workers to share in the profits.

Employee union ownership makes it easier to layoff redundant workers.

If the difference between the measures of the two acute angles of a right triangle is 20o what is the measure in degrees of the smaller one ?





86.04/4000 is equal to





The average age of 30 students of a class is 12 years. The average age of a group of 5 of the students is 10 years and that of another group of 5 of them is 14 years. What is the average age of the remaining students?

12 years

8 years

10 years

14 years

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