General Ability MCQS Set 4

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The Monopoly is characterized by absence of or decline in competition. The ABC Company realizes that its operations are in competitive industries.

The ABC Company has no domestic competitors.

ABC market is not monopolistic.

Monopoly is defined as one seller in a market.

The ABC company is publicly owned.

The ABC Company is in a service industry.

The prices of a scooter and television set are in the ratio of 3 2. If a scooter costs Rs. 600 more than the television set then the price of television set is

Rs. 1800

Rs. 1200

Rs. 2400

None of these

Buy Plenty a supermarket chain had successfully implemented an in store promotional campaign based on video messages dashed on a large screen. The purpose of the campaign was to motivate customers to purchase products which they had not planned to buy before they entered to store. The sales manager of Build-It Inc. a chain of do-it-yourself hardware stores saw the campaign and plans to introduce it in Build-It locations.

consumer decision making to buy products does not differ substantially when it comes to both supermarket and hardware products

Supermarket chains do not sell hardware products

supermarket and hardware products are the same

products cannot be sold successfully without a video sales campaign

in-store campaigns are more effective than out-of-store advertising and sales promotion

If 2x-1 = 1/8x-3 then the value of x is





Simplify 3/10 + 3/7 of (2 3/10 + 2 3/5) +1/5 + 1 2/5 – 2/7





If each bag of tokens weighs 5 3/4 lb how many pounds do 3 bags weigh ?

16 1/2 lb

15 3/4 lb

17 1/2 lb

17 1/4 lb

Number Series Test





What fraction is 0.6 % ?




None of these

In August 1980 according to a new your. Times/CBS news poll 36 percent of the voters called themselves Republicans or said they were independents leaning toward being Republicans. In November 1984 the Republican figure rose to 47 percent. But in the latest Times/CBS survey the Republicans were down to 38 percent. Therefore the Democrats are likely to win the next election.

It has been shown that 85 percent of Republicans vote in an election compared to 50 percent of the Democrats.

Republicans were a minority in 1984 but a Republican president was elected.

People vote for the best candidate not for a political party.

People tend to switch their votes at the last minute.

No one can predict how people will vote.

Which fraction is the largest ?





Number Series Test





5463 + 546.3-54.63÷ ? = 5999.3




None of these

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