General Ability MCQS Set 2

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The daily earnings of a taxi driver during a week are: Rs. 60, Rs. 65, Rs. 70, Rs. 52.50, Rs. 63, Rs. 73 and Rs. 68. What is his average daily earning for the week ?

Rs. 54.50

Rs. 64.50

Rs. 84.50

Rs. 74.50

Opponents of the new legislation could defend themselves against the author’s strategy by arguing that:

the fact that past trade legislation improved the trade balance does not mean that the present bill will do the same.

economists are not always right.

the united states had a trade deficit both in the 1930s and at the time of the new bill.

the new law is not as strong as the 1930s bill.

America’s trading partners have also passed similar legislation.

What is the circumference of a circle whose area is 100π ?





If 168× 54 = 9072, then .9072÷ 16.8 is equal to:





Many of the convenience foods on the market today, like dry cereals, have less nutrients than natural foods, which were dominant a decade or two ago. Many nutritionists claim that dry cereal gives less nourishment than natural foods like eggs or bacon. Opponents of the nutritionists views state that examination of grade-school students show less nutritional deficiency than in their parents time.

Fewer convenience foods were available to the parents.

Convenience foods can be digested just as quickly as natural foods.

Grade-school children reported eating no breakfast at all.

Adults claim to eat convenience foods as well as natural foods.

Consumers are not likely to sacrifice convenience for nutrition.

Nine individuals – Z, Y, X, W, V, U, T, S and R – are the only candidates, who can serve on three committees– A, B and C, and each candidate should serve on exactly one of the committees.

Y and T

X and U

W, V and U

Y, X and W

Z, X, U and R

Number Series Test





If r = -2, then r4 + 2r3 + 3r2 + r = ?





Contrary to charges made by opponents of the new trade bill, the bill’s provisions for taking action against foreign countries that place barriers against American exports, is justified. Opponents should take not that restrictive trade legislation in the 1930s succeeded in improving the U.S. trade balance even though economists were against it.

imply an analogy between the new trade bill and trade legislation.

attack the patriotism of its opponents.

attack the opponents characters rather than their claims.

suggest that economists were against both pieces, of legislation.

imply that legislation also permitted retaliatory action against foreign countries.

Find the cube root of 15.625





The radius of a sphere is increased by 10%. The surface area increases by

None of these




Take p to be six time as large as q. The per cent that q is less than p is



16 2/3

83 1/3

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