Everyday Science MCQS Set 45

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Everyday Science MCQS

1 chain is equal to
52 feet
66 feet
80 feet
64 feet

An artificial earth satellite is said to be in geostationary orbit when
it is made to stay in one place in obedience to commands form a space center on earth
Its course is governed by terrestrial gravity
It is so placed in the space that it does not move
It remains stationery in relation to earth

The worming of rocket is based on the principle of?
Boyle Law
Newton’s low
Flux meter
Flux Rule

Lock jaw, that is, difficulty in opening the mouth is a sympton of
None of these

Decibel unit is used to measure-
Light intensity
Magnitude of Earthquake
None of above
Sound intensity

Philately is study of:
Art of arrangement of flowers
Stamp collection
Art of compiling Book
Art of compiling dictionary

First photocopier was made in 1938, who invented it?
Philo Fransworth
Arthur Korn
Chestor Carison
Georg Biro

Who was the first person to patent the Jet Engine?
F. Whittle
C. Lindbergh
W. Histell

The are four king of malaria that can infect humans, they are all spread by what:
A tsetse fly bite
A woman in intestine
A mosquito bite
A tick bite

Nail polish remover is something that us girls just cant so without. Which of the following has been used as the active ingredient in nail polish remover?

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