Everyday Science MCQS Set 43

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Everyday Science MCQS

Different Between the compound interest and simple interest accrued in 2 years at principle amount?

KB, MB, GB is respectively?
Kilo Bits Mega Bits Gigs Bits
None of these
Kilo Bytes Mega Bytes Giga Bytes
Kelvin Bytes Medium bytes Giga Bytes

The computer which has incorporated the characters of analog and digital computers is?
Professional computers
CRT screen
Personal computers
Hybrid computers

Mass Spectrometer is used for measuring of.
Atomic Density
Atomic Fission
Atomic mass
Atomic sound

Who discovered by first in 1697?
Robert Koch
Louis pasteur

Which disease is more common among workers as compared to urban population?
Hookworm infection
Cirrhosis of liver
Lungs disease

Who predicted the existence of the planet Neptune?
Leverrier and Adams
Kepler and Newton

Minority carrier in P-type semiconductor is –
Free electrons
Hole minus electron
Holes and electrons both
Free holes

A megawatt is how many watts?
One Million
One thousand
One hundred

A hydrogen-inflated polythene balloon is released form the surface of the earth, As the balloon raises to an altitude up in the atmosphere, ti will
flatten it a disc like shape
increase in size
decrease in aize
maintain the same size and shape

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