Everyday Science MCQS Set 35

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Everyday Science MCQS

Who discovered Pulsars?
Albert Einstein
George Pulsar
Arthur Edington
Jocelyn Bell’s Antony Hewish

Who first attempted to measure the speed of light?
Isaac Newton
Galileo Galilei
Hans Lippershey
Ole Roemer

Mycology is the study of?
History of life
Secret writing
Wood Engraving
Fungus and fungi diseases

There is no neutron in the atom of:

Potato is a modified form of

There is along steel pope fixed in a compound, One boy stands at one end of the pipe and places his ear at the end. If another boy strikes the other portion of the pipe, the first boy will hear
No sound
Infinite sounds
Tow sounds
One sound

Cost of 20 kg flour bag is RS. 165. Find the cost of 1 kg flour?
RS. 6.25
RS. 8.25

When a bar magnet is cut into two equal halves, the Pole strength of each piece.
Becomes half
Become double
Remains the same
become Zero

Sum of the age A and B at present is 7 times the difference in their age. After five years, the sum of their ages will be 9 times the difference in their ages, the present age of he elder of the tow is therefore
20 years
10 years
35 years
None of these

Who among the following did not share the 1903 Noble Prize in Physics?
Frederick Joliot
Professor Henri becquerel
Madame Marie Curie
Pierre Curie

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