Everyday Science MCQS Set 33

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Everyday Science MCQS
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Everyday Science Mcqs. Here you will find the Everyday General Science Multiple Choice Questions from Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Atmospheric Studies.

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Charles K Rhodes developed an X-Ray emitting laser in?

In what year ere the first three blood groups (A,B and O) discovered?

Moving electric charge produce:
magnetic field
Light rays
Heat waves
Sound weaves

What is a clock cycle?
None of the above
CPU Processing Speed
Both a & b
The accuracy of a computer

Light travels in optical fiber irrespective of its sharp because it is a device by which single can be transferred form one location to another. It is based on the phenomenon of:
Refraction of light
Polarization of light
Total internal reflection of light
Diffraction of light

Mild sugar is

Which of the following is not a property of difference amplifies?
Frequency of difference amplifier
Difference amplifier yields more then the
Capacitor is used in it
It is used to compare two singles

Acid rain contains high levels of
Acetic acid
Oxalic acid
Sulphuric and nitric acids
Carbolic acid

What is Penicillin?

Cholera Basilius was discovered by?
Louis Pasteur
Robert Koch
Joseph Lister
Ronald Ross

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