Everyday Science MCQS Set 23

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Everyday Science MCQS

All of theses bacterial diseases are spread by tick s EXCEPT:
Rock mountain spotted fever
Relapsing fever
Typhoid Fever
Lyme disease

Food is readily cooked in a pressure cooker because:
Boiling occurs at low temperature
pressure remains constant
The cooking material cannot come out
Boiling occurs at high temperature

British scientist Tim Berners-Lee was the founder of?
Google Company
World Wide web
Yahoo Mail

A ship sails out to make at he rate of 10 km per hour and sails back at the rate of 15 km per hour. the average rate of sailing is:
12 km/hr
7.5 km/hr
13 km/hr
12.5 km/hr

Which of the following disease are transmitted form one person to another?1. Aids 2. cirrhosis 3. Hepatitis4. Syphilis Select the correct answer using the code given below?
1,3,4 only
1 and 2 only
1,2,3, and 4
2,3, and 4 only

Which gas is filled in refrigerators?

Insulin is a peptide hormones produced by endocrine cells of
Thyroid gland
None of these
pituitary gland

In old age, people generally have to wear spectacles for reading and writing because
Their eye illness start disintegrating
The lenses lose their magnifying power
the lenses lose their magnifying power
They lose the power of accommodation

Which of the following is not social network site?

Who invented the electron microscope?
Knoll and Ruska
Rudolk and kolliker
Robert Hooke
C.P Swanson

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