Everyday Science MCQS Set 22

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Everyday Science MCQS
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Everyday Science Mcqs. Here you will find the Everyday General Science Multiple Choice Questions from Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Atmospheric Studies.

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Newton laws of motion are valid in
Inertial frame of reference
Rotating frame of reference
Non-inertial frame of reference
In all frame of reference

Vitamins were first called accessory factors because in 1960 it was found by English biochemist_______
Sir F.G. Hopkins
Joseph Park
None of these
Casimir Funk

What scientist discovered that ether had anesthetic properties

Which metal is silvery-with in colour, and is easily polished to a high shine, It is hard malleable and ductile , and is a reasonable conductor of both heat and electricity, It is used extensively in the production of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant alloys,

Who invented the flushing toilet that caught on:
Viadmir Zworkin
Joseph Bramah
Linus Yale

A program written using binary codes is called?
Basic language
Machine language
World language
Binary language

Depending upon their structure and function lysosomes are categorized into
Four types
Other type only
three types
Two types

Vacuoles are bound by a definite member in plant cells called
None of them
Cell wall
Plasma membrane

The special filters used to reduce pollutants form the exhaust of a car are called
Baffle Plate
Exhaust Manifold
Catalytic Converter
Water jacket

in a cricket match five batsmen A.B.C.D and E scored an average of 36 runs. D scored 5 more than E; E scored 8 fe2wer than A; B scored as many as D and E combined: B and C scored 107 between them. Hew many runs did score?

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