Everyday Science MCQS Set 20

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Everyday Science MCQS
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Everyday Science MCQS Available Here. In this pages your can get Everyday Science MCQS.
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Everyday Science Mcqs. Here you will find the Everyday General Science Multiple Choice Questions from Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Atmospheric Studies.

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The physics of energy, heat work, entropy and the spontaneity of processes is called what?
None of these

Who is known as he Father of Taxonomy?
John Abbot
Will Mckern
Richard Owen
Car Linnaeus

Insulin, a drug that check diabetes, was discovered by?
Dr Banting
James D Wartson
Francis Crick

The speed of sound depends on the medium through which the waves are passing.The speed of sound in gases depends on what?

Which of the following the plant eat insects?
Ribbon plant
Pitcher plant
Um plant

In DC generator, the brushes are always placed
Along the geometric Neutral Axis (GNA)
Perpendicular to GNA
Along the magnetic Neutral Axis (MNA)
Perpendicular of MNA

Name of scientist who first declared that the earth revolves around the sun?

A number is increased by 10% and then decreased by 10%. the net change in the number is?
1% decrease
2% decrease
1% increase
No increase of decrease

Who invented the artificial kidney dialysis machine?
Frank Colton
Patsy Shemrman
Willem J.Kolff
peer Spencer

Which device mixes air and petrol (gas) for the internal combination engine?

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