English Literature MCQS for PPSC Test Set 2

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Who is the author of the days work?
William Wordsworth
Charles Dickens
Rudyard Kipling 
John Milton

Who wrote the play where the Cross is Made?
Eugene O,Neil
Noam Chomsky
William Wordsworth

Who wrote the famous play Doctor Faustus?
Robert Browing
None of these
Christopher Marlowe 
Alexander Pope

Which of the following Books is/are written by William Shakespeare?
Othello,Tempest, and Hamlet
Macbeth Romeo and Juliet
All of the Above 
Merchant of Venice

Who is famous with his pen name M.B. Drapier?
Jonathan Swift
Alexander Pope
Thomas Hardy
Robert Browning

Poems collection And Still I Rise is written by
Marguerite Johnson
Mia Johnson
Margaret John
Maya Angelou 

Who wrote the play Fog?
W.M. Thackeray
Noam Chomsky
GB Shaw
Eugene O’Neill

Who wrote the novel The Godfather?
John Milton
Victor Hugo
Mario  Puzo

Who was the author of Paradise Regained?
George Herbert
Anne Hathaway
John Milton
Emily Sellwood

Who wrote the play Thirst?
W.M. Thackeray
William Wordsworth
Eugene O,Neil
Noam Chomsky
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