CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers Set 11

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CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers

Which of the following is a very famous student of Hazrat Daood (A.S)?
None of these
Hazrat Luut (A.S)
Hakeem Luqman
Hazrat Younas (A.S)

Mauwazatain mean:
A collection of Ahadith
None of these
A book of Hanafi Fiqh
Abook of Jaffaria Fiqh
Two specific Surahs of Quran

When the order of the Sadqa-tul-Fitr came?
5 Hijrah
2 Hijrah
3 Hijrah
4 Hijrah

The Zakat and Ushr Ordinance was promulgated on:
30th June 1981
20th June 1980
21st April 1979
29th June 1981

Along with Abdullah, which foster sisters of Mohammad (PBUH) embraced Islam?
None of these
Both of these

Two rakat prayer that is offered at the time of Lunar Eclipse is called:
None of these

According to Quran, which sin is declared as “Zulm-e-Azeem”?
None of these

To whom Hazrat Moossa (A.S) handed over his nation after leaving for Koh-e-Toor?
Hazrat Yousaf (A.S)
Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S)
Hazrat Younas (A.S)
Hazrat Haroon (A.S)

After the Battle of Ohad Muslims surrounded the Jewish tribe named as:
Banu Asad
Banu Saad
Banu Nazir
Banu Aamir

Where the Roman army encamped to fight with Muslims?
None of these

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