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The US Senate Committee on ______ confirmed Senator John F. Kerry as the country’s next Secretary of State.
Foreign Relations
International Relations
National Security
Af-Pak Affairs

The largest part of most diets are made up of:
Nucleic acid

What is the average altitude of Balochistan Plateau?
610 metres
800 metres
700 metres
500 metres

Earth’s crust below the oceans is composed of:
Igneous rocks
Metamorphic rocks
Sedimentary rocks

who described bacteria?

The President of first Constituent Assembly was:
Allama Iqbal
Liaqat Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Johar

Light travels at 186,282 miles per:

Mammals are:
Both (a) and (b)
None of these

Who was viceroy when prime minister Attlee showed intention to transfer power to Indians?
Lord Linlithgo
Lord Irwin
Lord Wavell
Lord Curzon

How much of the solar system’s mass does the sun contain?
Over 99%
Between 90% and 99%
Between 60% and 80%
Less than 60%

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