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How many river flows in the province of Balochistan?

Gasherbrum was first conquered in 1958 by ____.
American expeditions
German expeditions
none of these
Pakistani expeditions

When Allama Iqbal delivered an address at Allahabad?

The maximum fixation of solar energy is done by:
Green plants

What body of water is located directly west of Latvia?
Gulf of Finland
Gulf of Bothnia
North Sea
Gulf of Riga

Two places on the same meridian must have the same:
Length of winter
Solar Time
Length of summer

Who built Char Minar?
Ali Adil Shah
Quli Qutab Shah
Ibraham Qutab Shah
None of these

Which of the following movements truly reflected the spirit of Hindu-Muslim unity?
None of these
Swadeshi Movement
Khilafat Movement
Civil Disobedience movement

Nine sq foot is equal to:
2 sq yards
4 sq yards
1 sq yards
3 sq yards

In which country was the Battle of Waterloo fought?
The Netherladns

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