Computer MCQS for FPSC Set 6

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Computer MCQS for FPSC
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Which of the following is not a pointing device?
Light pen
Touch screen
Pointing stick

A removable media may be a:
Floppy disk
Any of the above
Flash memory

Primary key is used
All of the above
Not allows duplicate entities
To short the data speedy
Searching is speeded up

In the do while loop the test condition is evaluated
Before the loop is executed
After the loop is executed
Between the loop is executed
All the above

Which of the following is a basic network topology?
All of the above

The programs that remain in the memory and run in the background are called:
Memory resident programs
Memory hidden programs
Memory loaded program
Notification area programs

The degree of a table is the total number of

To view or change table structure go into
Print view
Data sheet veiw
Report view
Design view

The storage capacity of a hard disk is
Larger than that of a CD ROM
All of the above
Larger than that of a floppy disk
Larger than that of main memory

Which of the following is the name of an antivirus?
Trojan horse
Dr. Solomon’s Toolkit
Logic bomb

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