Computer MCQS for FPSC Set 5

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Computer MCQS for FPSC

All of these are application software except?
MS Excel
MS Word
MS Power point

The computer network in which all computers are equal and no one computer is in control is called
Client/server network
Dedicated server network
Peer-to-peer network

OSI reference model has
3 layers
7 layers
1 Layer
6 layers

Which of the following can be used to join similar types of networks?
Bridges and repeater
Repeaters and gateways
Bridges and routers

Without primary key in a table data is

MICR stands for
Magnetic Ink character Reader
Magic Ink Character Reader
Magnetic Ink Character Reader
Magic Ink Character Recorder

Which of the following is an example of a package software?
Micro Power Point
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
All of the above

Registers are located inside
All of the above

In first normal form
Tables are break down
Tables are maked
Tables are re-joined
None of the above

What is the most common computer crime?
Illegal transfer of bank funds
Sending junk mails
Software piracy
Unauthorized access to personal databases
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