Computer MCQS for FPSC Set 4

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Computer MCQS for FPSC

The major reason to use a word processor like MS-Word is that you
All of the above
Don’t have to retype the document to make changes
Can integrate pictures and text in a document
Can format text using different font faces and sizes

Which of the following can be passed to a function via arguments?
Variables (with values)
Preprocessor directives

In case of programing when you want to do something a fixed number of times then which of the following statement is used?
For statement
Do-while statement
While statement
Continue statement

Which of the following is non-volatile?
All of these

As compared to a command line operating system a GUI operating system is:
More reliable
All of the above
More efficient
Easier to use

Which of the following printers gives the highest printing resolution?
Dot matrix printer
Laser printer
Ink jet printer
Thermal transfer printer

The storage area for temporarily storing deleted items on the hard disk is called
My computer
Recycle BIn
My Documents

E-commerce involves:
Online marketing
All of the above
Electronic funds transfer
Orders management

An external variable is variable can be referenced in a declaration
In any function that uses it
Outside of any function
In the first function that uses it
In main () only

Which of the following does not support the data in data base management system

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