Computer 1st Year Solved MCQS Chapter 7

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Computer 1st Year Solved MCQS
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A small image that represents a programme, instructions or fine etc is called;
Command Language

Windows XP is the most popular product of;
None of these
Sun System

Windows explorer offers many actions that can be performed on
Both A & b

The maximum number of primary partitions that can be created on a disk is

GUI stands for
General User interrupts 
Graphical user interface
Grayed User Inerface
Graph Utilities I cons

As Compared to command line operating System, a GUI operating system is;
More efficient
All of these
Easier to use
More reliable

A_______operating system allows multiple users to perform multiple tasks at the same time.
Multi tasking
Multi user
Multi processor

All files deleted from computer are stored in
My documents
Temporary files
Recycle bin

The capability of an operating system to load multiple programs into memory at one time is called;
Multi processing
Multi executing
Multi programming

A small image that represents a program instruction or file etc is called
Common language
I con

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