Commerce MCQS with Answers for NTS Set 1

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Commerce MCQS with Answers for NTS
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Calculating machine is
Photo stat machine
Punching machine
stapler machine

Basic objective of business is
Service to society
To earn profit
Exchange of goods

Mudaraba business is commenced with Mudaraba Ordinance

The letter written for the acquisition of information is
Circular letter
Agency letter
Quotation letter
Inquiry letter

The most important part of a letter is
Body of the letter
Letter heading

Two components of business are
Industry and trade
Profit and loss
Commerce and industry
Trade and commerce

Change in memorandum of association is possible by

Sole proprietorship is suitable for
Large scale business
Medium scale business
For all of these
Small scale business

The method of Card Board Filling System is

Sole proprietorship is the
Developed form of business organization
Obsolete form of business organization
Modern form of business organization
Old form of business organization

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