Class 9 Computer MCQ with Answers Chapter 3

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Which of the following are both input and output devices:
Touch Screen
Hard disk
Floppy disk
All mentioned

The keys used for alphabet and numbers are called:
Cursor control keys
Function keys
Numeric keys
Alphanumeric keys

CAD stands for:
Computer Aided Design
Computer Assisted design
Calculator Aided Design
Compact Aided design

A key which one pressing once can insert letter in the middle of toe characters:
scroll lock key
insert key
number lock key
tab key

A device which is connected with video display terminal:
track ball
joy stick
electric light pen
digital camera

Resolution of VGA is:
640 x 480
320 x 420
320 x 240
640 x 840

The printer speed of line printer?
100 LPM to 300 LPM
200 LPM to 1000 LPM
300 LPM to 2400 LPM
None of these

The devices which are used to receive data and information  from the computer are called:
input devices
computer hardware
output devices
computer software

Super video Graphic Array (SVGA) has resolution:

An input device used for games, computer aided designs or simulations:

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