Business Statistics MCQS with Answer Set 1

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Business Statistics MCQS

The index no’s are

The grouped data is always called:
Sample data
Raw data
Primary data
Secondary data

An ogive is a:
Frequency curve
Cumulative frequency Polygon

Number of accidents recorded yesterday in Lahore city is a:
Discrete variable
Continuous variable
Qualitative variable

Which of the following is written at the top of the table:
Source note
Prefatory note
Foot note

Census returns are:
Secondary data
True Data
Primary data
Qualitative data

The base period in fixed base should be the
Normal year
Lowest year
Current year
Highest year

A set containing only one element is called
Null set
Singleton set
Sub set
Empty set

A table has at least
Two parts
Three parts
Four parts
Five parts

P (A or B) = P(A?B) = P(A) + (B), if A and B are:
Independent events
None of these
Mutually exclusive events
Non mutually exclusive events

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