Biology MCQS for FPSC Test Set 2

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Biology MCQS for FPSC
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Certain hornlike projections are given out from the back of anthers

Cohesion theory of ascent of sap is proposed by
Both a & b
John jolly

Match with Lamarckism
Body parts used extensively become stronger and larger
All A, B and C
Inheritance of acquired characteristics
Long neck of giraffe is evolved gradually as cumulative product of many generations

Which of the following describes the process of natural selection?
Occurrence of new mutations
Differential reproductive success between genotypes
Change from simple to more complex organisms
Increase in size of population

_____ is produced when phosphoenolpyruvic acid combines with CO2
Abcissic acid
Oxalic acid
Oxalomalic acid
Citric Acid

The other name of glycolysis is
Calvin cycle
Light reaction
EMP pathway

If an author cited two or more specimens as types, the remaining cited species are

Green color blindness is called
Non of these

Following statement is in accordance to Darwinisw
Survival of fittest
Over Production
All of these
Natural Selection

The species which is at the threat of danger of extinction is called
Extinct species
Threatened species
Endangered species
All of these

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