2nd Year Statistics MCQS Set 5

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12th Class Statistics MCQS

Under fixed fiduciary system, if notes are issued in excess of fiduciary limit then how much value of precious metal or foreign exchange is kept as reserve for over issue

Joint-stock company can open the following account in bank
All the above

The transmission of following is stopped due to clearing house:
Credit money
Metallic money
Cash money
All of the above

If a bank is unable to submit prospectus at the time of registration, then it has to submit:
Statement in lieu of prospectus
Certificate of commencement
None of the above
Certificate of incorpoartion

What is the example of non scheduled bank
Habib bank
Sindh provincial cooperative bank
Allied bank
Meezan bank

The money deposited in the bank is considered by a customer as

A bill which can be rediscounted from central bank
Both a and b
Time bill
Sight bill
None of these

A pass book is issued to:
Both A and B
Current accountholder
None of the above
Saving accountholder

Relation between banker and customer terminates, when a :
All od them
Customer dies
Customer becomes mad or lunatic
Customer becomes insane or mental

Which term is used in connection with monetary policy
Market rate
Bank rate
Exchange rate
Wage rate

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