2nd Year Statistics MCQS Set 5

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Treasury bill means:
Promise of government to pay
Evidence of governments debt
Amount of government
None of the above

Scheduled bank keeps a certain amount of its deposits with central bank as
Reserve capital
Bank rate
Subscribed capital
Authorized capital

How many merits of scheduled bank

The name of the person is written on cheque as:
None of these

Endorsee of cheque is a person
In whose favour the rights of cheque are transferred
Who draws a cheque
Who receives the amount of cheque
On whom the cheque is drawn

Bills of exchange is
A promise to pay
An order to pay
A request to pay
All of the above

The letter of credit which can be endorsed to another person is called:
Special L.C
None of the above
Resolving L.C
Transferable L.C

Which things can be accepted by bank as security at the time of granting loan
Shares and debentures of company
All of them
Gold and silver

Which is demanded by a bank at the time of opening new account
Birth certificate
All of the above
Educational qualification
Source of income

A developed or organized money market is always
More elastic
Not elastic
Less elastic

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