2nd Year Statistics MCQS Set 2

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The amount in fixed deposit can be
Deposited only once
None of the above
Withdrawn many times
Deposited many times

Non-scheduled bank can
Open new branch without permission
All the above
Deal in foreign exchange
Attain the of public confidence

Bills of exchange can be cashed from bank before maturity by:
None of the above

How many minimum promoters are required to sign on an application for the registration of commercial bank

Which of the following institution was working before the establishment of ADBP
Agricultural development bank
Agricultural development finance corporation
Both a and b
None of the above

Money creative bank is
Consumer bank
Central bank
Commercial bank
Both a and b

When was Islamic Banking System introduced in Pakistan:

Who did print the cheque in specific form for the first time or firstly:
None of the above
State Bank of Pakistan
Imperial Bank
Bank of England

Cheque is a credit instrument which is
None of the above
Conditionally negotiable
Non negotiable

The loans obtained for meeting the administrative expenses and purchase of raw material are:
Medium Term loans
Long Term loans
Short term loans
All of the above

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