1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers Chapter 8

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1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers
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The pH of human blood is

At equilibrium stage of chemical reaction
The rate constant of forward reaction is equal to rate constant of backward reaction
The concentration of reaction is equal to concentration of products
The energy of activation of forward step is equal to energy of activation of backward step
The rate of forward reaction is equal rate of backward reaction

The solubility product of AgCI is 2.0 x 10-10mol2dm-6The maximum concentration of Ag+ions in the solution is
2.0 x 10-10mol dm-3
4.0 x 10-20mol dm-3
1.0 x 10-10mol dm-3
1.41 x 10-5mol dm-3

Kaand Kbof a conjugate acid and are related with kwas
Ka + Kb=Kw
Ka/ Kb= Kw
Ka .Kb= Kw

A buffer solution can be prepared by mixing
Strong acid and its salts with weak base
Weak base and its salt with strong acid
Strong base and its salt with weak acid
Weak acid and its salt with weak base

The value of pH and PoHof pure water at 25° C is
1 x 10-14
1 x 1014

The pKavalue of CH3COOH is 4.74 when we mix CH3COOH and CH3COONa in the ratio of 10:1, tehn the pH of the buffer is

The number of moles of acid or base required by one dm3of buffer to alter its pH by one unit is called
Buffer capacity
Buffer action
Buffer efficiency

The effect of temperature on equilibrium was studied by
Vant hoff
Van der wall

The pH of 10-3mol dm-3of an aqueous solution of H2SO4is

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