1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers Chapter 4

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1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers
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How many allotropic forms are present in carbon

In order to mention the B.P. of water at 110°C, the external pressure should be
Between 760 torr and 1200 torr
760 torr
Between 200 torr and 760 torr
Any value of pressure

The long chains of amino acids are coiled about one another onto a spiral by
Overlapping of orbitals
Ionic bond
Van der walls forces
Hydrogen bonding

London dispersion forces are the only forces present among the
Molecules of hydrogen chloride gas
Atoms of helium in gaseous state at high temperature
Molecules of water in liquid state
Molecules of solid iodine

Which one of the following substances is not amorphous

Acetone and chloroform are soluble in each other due to
Dipole-dipole interaction
All of the above
Instantaneous dipoles
Intermolecualr hydrogen bonding

Diamond is a bad conductor of electricity because
None of these
It has a high density
There are no free electrons present in the crystal of diamond to conduct electronics
It has a tight structure

The number of Na, ions which surround each CI1-ion the NaCI crystal lattice is

The distillation of a solution under reduced pressure is called
Fractional distillation
Destructive distillation
Vacuum distillation

When water freezes at 0°C, its density decreases due to
Change of bond lengths
Change of bond angles
Empty spaces present in the structure of ice
Cubic structure of ice

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