1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers Chapter 2

1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers
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Solvent extraction method is particularly useful technique for separation when the product to be separated is
Non-volatile or thermally stable
Non-volatile or thermally unstable
Volatile or thermally unstable
Volatile or unstable

The iodine present in water can be separated by which one of the following techniques
Solvent extraction

During the process of crystallization, the hot saturated solution;
Is mixed with an immiscible liquid to get the pure crystals of the produce
Is cooled very slowly to get large-sized crystals
Is cooled at a moderated rate to get medium-sized crystals
Is evaporated to get the crystals of the product

When hot saturated solution is cooled very rapidly, we get
Medium sized crystals
Old crops of crystals
Premature crystallization of the substance
large sized crystals

The comparative rates at which the solutes move in paper chromatography, depends on
Their partition coefficients
The polarity of solvent used
The size of paper used
Their Rf values

Chromatography is the process which involve the distribution of a solute between
Two stationary and two mobile phases
A stationary phase and mobile phase
Two mobile phases
Two stationary phases

Solvent extraction is an equilibrium process and it is controlled by
The amount of solute
Distribution law
The amount of solvent used
Law of mass action

Which one of the following substances is used as decolouring agent
Animal charcol
Concentrated H2SO4
Silica gel

In paper chromatograghy the point at which the solvent rises to maximum extent is called
Solvent front
Base line

In order to have good crystals of a substance the temperature of the system at the time of preparation of solution should be
Just above the room temperature
Around room temperature
Around 0°C
Sufficiently more than room temperature

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