12th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 4

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12th Class Physics MCQS
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Lenz’s law presented in

Commutator was invented by:
William tells
William Sturgeon
William bills
William Gates

Step up transfer has a transformation ratio of 3:2. What is the voltage in secondary , If voltage in primary is 30 V?
15 V
90 V
45 V
300 V

Energy density of an inductor is:
Um = 2??/B
Um = 2B2/??
UM = 1/2B2/??

A current generator device converts:
Both b and c
Mechanical energy into chemical energy
Chemical energy into electrical energy
Mechanical energy into electrical energy

If the north pole of a magnet moves away from a metallic ring
First clockwise and then anticlockwise
None of above

The unit of induced emf is
Both (b) and (c)

The magnitude of back emf:
Remains same 
Decreases with speed of motor
Increases with sped of motor
None of above

The north pole of a magnet is brought near a metallic ring. The direction of induced current in the ring will be:
First anticlockwise and then Clockwise
First Clockwise and then Antoclockwise

Which of the following quantities remain constant in step up transformer?

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