12th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 3

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12th Class Physics MCQS
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The unit of magnetic induction B is

Magnetism is related to:
Stationary charges
Law of motion
Stationary & Movingcharges
Moving charges

To convert a galvanometer into an ammeter, we connect with it a
Low value by pass resistor
Low value parallel
Shunt resistance
All of above

Lorentz force means the force acting on a particle, which is
Magnetic force only
None of these
Electric force only
Sum of electric and magnetic force

When charge particle enter perpendicular to magnetic field, the path followed by it is:
A circle
Straight line
A helix

The sensitivity of Galvanometer can be increased by:
Decreasing C/BAN factor
Increasing angle ?
All of above
Increasing C/BAN factor

The Weber is unit of measure of:
Electric current
Magnitic flux
Electric flux

The magnetic flux will be max, For an angle of:

The anodes in cathode ray oscilloscope.
Negative potential w.r.t to chithode
Control number of waves
Control brightness of sept formed
Accelerate as well as focus beam

Torque on a current carrying coil
?=IBA cos
? = ILBcos?
? = IBA sin?
? = ILB sin

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