12th Class Economics MCQS Set 9

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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It creates difficulties in measurement of national income of Pakistan
Low literacy rate
Huge imports
Parmanteray form of govt
High taxes

Term of trade developing countries are generally unfavourable because
They export few goods
They import value added good
They export primary goods
a and b above

How many characteristics of Pakistan industry

Paper money in Paksitan is
None of the above
linked to gold

Term of trade of country
Is another name of exchange ratio of two currencies
Show the ratio between total export earnings and import bill of a country
Mean agreement between trading countries
Are determined by teh price index of export and import goods

Foreign trade has the advantage
Trading countries get foreign exchange
Can import scarce raw materials
a and c of above
Can import machinery and technology

Changes is discount rate are brought about by State Bank to
a and b of the above
Control inflation
Increase investment activity
Increase earning of the bank

Import of petroleum makes up Pakistans total import bill

Rising prices of goods in Pakistan will
Increase our imports
Increase our exports
Will not affect exports or imports
Will increase both exports and imports

Which does NOT a desirable characteristics of money??
easily recognised

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