12th Class Economics MCQS Set 5

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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Exchange value of Pak rupee against other currencies has fallen because.
Paksitan does not produce gold
Our total exports are smaller
Exports are more than imports
Our imports are more than exports

How many objective of Planing in Pakistan

Public spending on health is
More then 3
Less then 1%
More than 2 but less then 3 %
More than 1 but less than 2%

How many features of mixed economy

What would encourage trade between two countries.
Balance of trade to balance of payments
Export price to import prices
Exports to imports
Currency values

IMF give loans.
To fill gape in balance of payments
To decrease inflation
To increase employment opportunities
to fill gap in government budget

To bring equitable distribution of income in the country taxes should be

Government of Pakistan issues currency on the basis of
Availability of dollars in the country
Tax collection
Demand for money in the country
Availability of gold in the country

Which people are most likely to gain during inflation
Those who are repaying borrowed money
Those living on pension
Those who have lent money
Those living on their savings

Economic development is measured on the basis of
Increase in nominal GNP
Increase in personal incomes
Increase in real GNP
Increase in government revenue

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