12th Class Economics MCQS Set 2

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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The control inflation the government should increase
Income tax
consumer spending
Budget deficit

The four factor payments are
Wages interest salaries and income
Wages, rent, interest and profits
Money capital salaries and income
Money power prestige and wealth

State bank of Pakistan is run by
Board of governors
Board of directors
Board of bankers
Board of managers

Which of the following would cause incomes to become more unequal
Increased unemployment
Increased employment
More progressive taxes
More regressive taxes

This step will increase per capita income in Pakistan
Increase in taxes
Increase in investment
Increase in population
Increase in imports

What is the growth rate of Pakistan in 2015

How many demerits of Capitalism

If you borrow from a bank the amount which the bank charges is called.
Discount rate
Interest rate
borrowing rage
Bank rate

Forests in Pakistan are decreasing because
Poor conservation planning
All of the above
Climatic changes
Population pressure

Treasury bill is used for
Getting short term loans
Treasury bill is govt. tax bill
Getting long term loans
Treasury bill is not credit instrument

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