12th Class Economics MCQS Set 11

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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Choose the types of income
All of these
Earned income
Passive income
Portfolio income

Economic planning in Pakistan started
During 1980s
During 1960s
During 1970s
During 1950s

Which is money
Prize bond
Credit card

It creates difficulties in measurement of national income of Pakistan
Underground economy deficiency of natural resources
Large rural area poor transport system
Illiteracy underground economy
Impact markets large population

This is NOT an advantage of foreign trade.
New technology comes to the country
We can import good which are in short supply in Pakistan
We can get gold from abroad
We can make best use of natural resources

What does PBC stand for accordingly to the book
Primary Biliary Cirrhosis
Palm Beach Country
Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation
Peach Belt Conference

If TOYOTA company establishes a factory in Pakistanthis will be recorded in balance of payments in the section
Visible balance
Invisible balance
Capital account
Official financing

Mansoor software co imported computers and paid import tax. Burden of tax will be on
Final buyer

In a developing country
Infant mortality rate is high
Birth rate is high
Death rate is high
All of the above are true

How many factors of mobility

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