12th Class Economics MCQS Set 10

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12th Class Economics MCQS

Tax is a payment

Which organisation controls the banking system in most countries
Central bank
Investment bank
World bank
Commercial bank

Velocity of circulation of money means the number of times a unit of money
Changes purchasing power
Changes hands daily
Changes hands monthly
Changes hands annually

Federal govt. budget estimate for 2015-16 is about
4400 billion
4400 million
Bigger than 4400 trillion
4400 trillion

Direct taxes are not include in
A and c above

Foreign exchange reserves increases if
Imports increase exports remain the same
Exports increase imports remain the same
Govt. increases taxes
a and b above

According to keynes demand for money is affected by
Literacy rate
A and b of the above
Rate of interest

Government finance is called
National finance
Public finance
Private finance
A and b of above

Size of Pakistans 8th pla was in rupees.
2700 billion
1700 billion
3700 billion
700 billion

Which one is per capita income
Per family income
Per person income
Per worker income
Per industrial unit income

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