12th Class Economics MCQS Set 10

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12th Class Economics MCQS

Sales tax in Pakistan is
Indirect and proportional
Direct and progressive
Direct and proportional
Indirect and progressive

What would encourage trade between two countries
Frontier checks
National currencies
reduced tariffs
Different tax system

The govt. can control inflation by
Decreasing taxes
Increasing demand for goods
Increasing money supply
Increasing supply of goods

Government of Pakistan can increase its resources by
Taxing people
Printing new notes
All the three

Which shows equilibrium of national income
Saving = investment
Consumption = investment
Savings > investment
Savings < investment

The nature of unemployment due to mechanization of agriculture is

It is source of revenue for the local government.
Property tax
excise tax
Corporation tax
Value added tax

The percentage of our labour force working in agriculture

Which of the following must always balance
Balance of invisible trade
Balance on the current account
Balance of payments
Balance of visible trade

Government fiance is called
Public finance
National finance
Official fiance
Final fiance

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