12th Class Economics MCQS Set 10

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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In Pakistan income tax is
A and C of above
Progressive tax

In Pakistan
There is no economic planning.
Markets work freely under govt.control
Government owns most of the means of production
All economic decisions are made through markets

Commercial banks create
Legal money
Credit money
Token money
Do not create money

This is a characteristic of good money
Attractive design
high intrinsic value
Easy to duplicate

Pakistan is an economy
Fast growing economy
A and C of above

Bank rate in Pakistan is

It is assumption of quantity theory of money
Velocity of circulation of money constant
A and b of above
govt. imposes new taxes
Quantity of traded goods increases

Pakistans expenditure on defence is
10% of federal budget
More than 35% but less than 45%
More than 25% but less than 35%
More than 10% but less than 25%

A TV set purchases from a retail store is an example of
intermediate good
Final goods
capital goods
surplus goods

Productivity of labour is measured by
Measuring GDP
Total working hours
Production per day
Production per hour

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