12th Class Computer Science MCQS Chapter 11

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12th Class Computer Science MCQS
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The conditional portion of the If statement can contain:
Any valid constant
Any valid variable
Any valid constant or vairable
Any expression that can be evaluated to a Boolean value

Which programming structure executes program statements in order?

Relational operators allow you to _____________ numbers.

In 3NF a non-key attribute must not depend on a
Composite key
Sort key
Non-key attribute
Key attribute

The first line in switch block contains:
The expression to be evaluated
The value of the first criterion
The statement to be executed if the criterion are true
The statement to be executed if none of the criteria are true

The three programming structures are:
Relation, comparison, and process
Sequence, decision, and repition
Process, decision, and alternation
Sequence, definition, and process

To be in 2NF every non key attribute must depend on
Both a and b
All parts of the key
Composite key

Which of the following statements is the simplest form of a decision structure?
Nested if
If statement

Key is used in
All of the above
Switch statement
If statement
Else if statement

What does a compound condition use to join two condition?
Logical results
Relational Results
Relational operator
Logical operator

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