11th Principles of Economics MCQS Chapter 9

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11th Principles of Economics MCQS

Depreciation allowance
Private investment
Income received from foreign country
Govt. investment

One is not included in measuring National income
Agricultural production
services of house lady
Industrial production
Wage of labour

According to professor Ackley Gardener, amounts are included in national income
Rents and interests
All the three

Because of increase in national income
Standard of living falls
No change occurs
None of three
Standard of living rises

Expenditures of repair of machines are called
Depreciation allowance
Productive expenditures
Unproductive expenditures

Adam smith

Transfer payment means that income
Which is received without labour, e.g. Zakat, gift , pension etc
Which can move from one place to order place i.g. money etc.
Which is received after hardwork
Which is received by exports

National income is that part of material wealth of a nation which can be measured by the scale of money This definition of national income is stated by the economist
Adam smith

National income is total of
Incomes of all entrepreneurs of the country
Incomes of all salaried persons of the country
Incomes of all industrialists of the country
Incomes of all the people of the country

Individuals of a country produce a certain quantity of goods and services using the resources of the country with the help of their capital, it is called national income this definition is presented by
Professor Marshall
Professor Paul A Samuelson
Professor Fisher
Professor Pigou

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