11th Principles of Commerce MCQS Chapter 6

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11th Principles of Commerce MCQS
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The profit given to shareholder on their investment by a company is called

The memorandum and articles of company are
Two different documents
They are not documents
Two names of the same document
Both have the same objective

Which company requires a certificate of commencement
Private company
All the above
Public company
Chartered company

On which type of shares a company gives the profit on preferential basis
Ordinary shares
Elementary shares
On all the three
Preference shares

Modarba company is formed under
Modarba companies ordinance 1984
Modarba companies ordinance 1980
Modarba companies ordinance 1960
Modarba companies ordinance 1970

Holding company is a company which has
More than 50% shares of other company
50% shares of other company
Less than 50% shares of other company
No shares of other company

The memorandum of company is prepared by
The promoters
The experts
The employees

A public Ltd. company is included in the list of
Business centre
Stock exchange
Custom authorities
Chamber of commerce

What does a company issue to get loan from the public
All the three

What does a company get from the prospectus
All the three

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