11th Principles of Commerce MCQS Chapter 22

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11th Principles of Commerce MCQS
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The department is responsible for selling goods to the customers are called
sales department
None of these
Purchase department
Administrative department

Not included in office worker’s personal qualities
Hard working
Good personality

Office means a place where
Workers take rest
Visitors wait
Clerical work is done besides keeping records
Organization’s records/papers are kept

In a large business, a separate department is responsible for advertising the products. are called
Administrative department
Purchase department
Advertising department
Sales department

If any business organization is considered as a body then office is its
None of these

Attainment of common objectives under the guidance of the leader of organization is possible through
Office organization

A unit where relevant records for the purpose of central planning and efficient management of the organization are prepared, handled and preserves are called
Both a and b
None of these

An office worker should have to his credit
All of these
Educational qualities
Physical qualities
Personal qualities

How many qualities of an office workers

The performance of an office depends upon
Office machines
Office management

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